ABM Drives Inc. Expands Production Facilities

Expansion of the ABM Drives Inc. Marktredwitz Production Site

Since 2017, ABM has invested in a multi-million dollar capital construction project to improve two ABM manufacturing locations: Marktredwitz (Upper Franconia) and Lublin (Poland). Despite the current difficult times, the initial investment package for the construction of a new, approximate 7,000 sq. ft. production hall “An der Rößlermühle” (Factory 4). This investment also includes new, automated machining centers with test technologies. The commissioning and the installations are planned for March 2021.
ABM Greiffenberger New Production Hall
“On the one hand, we strengthen the high vertical integration in our core competencies with this capacity expansion. On the other hand, the automated machining centers guarantee reliable production processes and flexibly enable us to meet the demands of the market and our customers,” says Robert Lackermeier, CEO of ABM Greiffenberger. Special thanks go to the architectural firm Wittmann, construction companies Roth and Sybac, and Marktredwitz mayor, Oliver Weigel and his team. They have been involved in the early phases of planning and strongly supported ABM in this construction project, among other things including their swift issuing of the building permit.
“ABM Greiffenberger stresses the importance of the Marktredwitz location with this hall extension,” emphasizes Dr. Werner Folger, sole shareholder and CEO of the senata group. “ABM is geared for growth and optimally equipped for the future.”
The official groundbreaking that had originally been planned for the October 28, 2020 was cancelled due to the increasing number of Corona cases. Instead, there will be an official opening when the new production hall and the machine park will be finished and can be visited. Persons invited to this event will include County Commissioner Peter Berek, Mayor Oliver Weigel, Martin Schöffel, Member of the Bavarian Landtag, as well as further representatives of the companies Wittmann (architectural office), Roth and Sybac (construction companies) and of the city of Marktredwitz.

Choosing a Gearbox Drive and Electric Motor Supplier

When choosing manufacturing partners during a machine build, remember that there are two methods for choosing a gearbox and electric motor supplier. One is selecting a pre-engineered unit and the other is choosing a gearbox-motor combination and integrating them into the equipment.

Pre-engineered gearmotor solutions are suitable if a design engineer doesn’t have the time or engineering resources to build a gearmotor in-house — or if the design needs a quick setup. New modular approaches to support OEMs (and enable new machine tools, automation, and design software) now let engineers get reasonably priced gearmotors even in modest volumes.

It’s true that one benefit to selecting a separate motor and gearbox and then combining them can less expensive than choosing a pre-engineered gearmotor. Another benefit to this approach is that one may be able to design the most optimized gearmotor for the application at hand … because this approach also gives the design engineer the most control over the final configuration and cost.

No matter the approach to gearmotor selection, be sure to continually improve the design by comparing predictions of performance with measurements. Then use the result of the analysis to improve next gearmotor iteration.

Contact: Gabriel Venzin, President, ABM DRIVES INC, +1-513-576-1300, [email protected].