New, Chain Hoist Drive Units with Integrated Electric Contols

ABM DRIVES INC. offers new chain hoist drive units with integrated electric controls.

These chain hoists provide overload protection through friction clutches. The basic version for lifting and lowering is easily expanded to integrate the travel function with plug-and-play connection to another board. Brake controls allow for safe operation. ABM’s solution also reduces the wear of contact points to extend the chain hoist’s life. The chain hoists are corrosion-resistant and operate in harsh environments. High-grade, helical-gearing teeth enable quiet operation and as a result reduce noise emissions. Customers can draw from ABM’s modular kit design to arrange their own application-specific solutions.

ABM DRIVES INC. offers ready-to-install, plug-and-play systems based on a modular platform concept for the mobile industry. Different motor technologies and gearbox designs in conjunction with brakes and sensors can be combined and integrated into different vehicle, crane, and lift types.

To see the new chain hoists in action, visit the ABM DRIVES INC. booth B15 at LogiMAT 2020 in Stuttgart March 10-12, 2020.

Drives for reliable and energy-efficient chain hoists with integrated electronic control.
Drives for reliable and energy-efficient chain hoists with integrated electronic control.

Choosing a Gearbox Drive and Electric Motor Supplier

When choosing manufacturing partners during a machine build, remember that there are two methods for choosing a gearbox and electric motor supplier. One is selecting a pre-engineered unit and the other is choosing a gearbox-motor combination and integrating them into the equipment.

Pre-engineered gearmotor solutions are suitable if a design engineer doesn’t have the time or engineering resources to build a gearmotor in-house — or if the design needs a quick setup. New modular approaches to support OEMs (and enable new machine tools, automation, and design software) now let engineers get reasonably priced gearmotors even in modest volumes.

It’s true that one benefit to selecting a separate motor and gearbox and then combining them can less expensive than choosing a pre-engineered gearmotor. Another benefit to this approach is that one may be able to design the most optimized gearmotor for the application at hand … because this approach also gives the design engineer the most control over the final configuration and cost.

No matter the approach to gearmotor selection, be sure to continually improve the design by comparing predictions of performance with measurements. Then use the result of the analysis to improve next gearmotor iteration.

Contact: Gabriel Venzin, President, ABM DRIVES INC, +1-513-576-1300, [email protected].