The New GHX 250 – Doubling Service Life & Higher Protection Class

The New “GHX 250”: Doubling Service Life & Higher Protection Class 

With constant market observation ABM Drives, Inc. proactively develops and optimizes drive systems to maximize the benefits for customers and their projects. We are excited to present our new GHX 250 in protection class IP65: the GHX 250 excels with twice the service life, high efficiency as well as outstanding performance.

Powerful & DurableHoist Drive Unit GHX 250

GHX 250 – Product Highlights

    • Interface (Output shaft & Mounting) remain unchanged
      • GHX 250 will be 100% interchangeable with the existing GH 25000 & GH 25001
    • Enhanced possible field of application due to extended center distance
      • Installation of drum sizes up to 405 mm
    • Consequent classification of FEM 2m at all drum sizes at reeving 4:1
      • Doubling their service life
    • Increased speed up to 200 Hz (motor) in no-load condition for VFD version
      • Reduction of cycle time
    • Enhanced switching behavior in two-speed version
      • Reduced noise
    • Higher protection class IP65

GHX 250 Changeover Schedule

    • Samples for the GHX 250 can be ordered from August 2019.
    • Series-production starting in November 2019.
    • Replacement motors and spare parts will remain available for all existing GH 25000 & GH 25001 drives.

Product information will give you further details on the GHX 250 and its many benefits. Click the link below to access the:
New GHX 250 ABM NA Brochure

ABM Drives - Hoist Drive Unit GHX 250

Choosing a Gearbox Drive and Electric Motor Supplier

When choosing manufacturing partners during a machine build, remember that there are two methods for choosing a gearbox and electric motor supplier. One is selecting a pre-engineered unit and the other is choosing a gearbox-motor combination and integrating them into the equipment.

Pre-engineered gearmotor solutions are suitable if a design engineer doesn’t have the time or engineering resources to build a gearmotor in-house — or if the design needs a quick setup. New modular approaches to support OEMs (and enable new machine tools, automation, and design software) now let engineers get reasonably priced gearmotors even in modest volumes.

It’s true that one benefit to selecting a separate motor and gearbox and then combining them can less expensive than choosing a pre-engineered gearmotor. Another benefit to this approach is that one may be able to design the most optimized gearmotor for the application at hand … because this approach also gives the design engineer the most control over the final configuration and cost.

No matter the approach to gearmotor selection, be sure to continually improve the design by comparing predictions of performance with measurements. Then use the result of the analysis to improve next gearmotor iteration.

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