10. Why is my gearbox & electric motor squeaky?

Frankly we have never heard of one of our types of gearbox & electric motor described as squeaky! It would mean that there is a serious problem with a part of the system rubbing against one another.

Choosing manufacturing partners

When choosing partners during a machine build, remember that there are two methods for choosing a gearbox, gear motor and/or an electric motor source. Either pick a standard component that might or might not fit a specific application or choose a competent partner to engineer and manufacture a component that fits the application exactly.

Standard solutions are suitable if a design engineer doesn’t have the time or engineering resources to have a custom version engineered — or if it needs a quick setup. New modular approaches to design and construction let manufacturing engineers get reasonably priced custom motors even in modest volumes.

No matter the approach to component selection, be sure to continually improve the design/drive system by comparing predictions of performance with measurements. Then use the result of the analysis to improve the next iteration.